Breath more and live more.


Breathing is the most important factor of a living being. Without breathing life is over.Its no more. Isn’t it? So breathing is required to be alive.


But nowadays our irregular daily routine pollution and lot of other bad habits have created a lot of breathing deceases.

By practicing some yogic exercise and following a healthy routine any individual can recover.

Following exercises can be useful for this

  • Pranayama: This is the best and most important aspect of Yoga for the physical and spiritual well-being but apart from most of the pranayama improve our brain and respiratory system as Kapalbhati and Anuloma Viloma.
  • Sun salutation: Basically it’s not a breathing exercise but keeping breath synchronized with every step and asana will make a lot of difference.When we inhale and exhale deeply during Sun Salutation it improves our respiratory system also.
  • Yogic breathing: This is the most important and best one to recover from any respiratory discomfort.Yogic breathing is a scientific approach towards breathing.Deep inhalation up to the navel region and then filling rib cage followed by upper chest will fill you with a lot of vitality.And a deep exhalation will make you feel more relax and calm.

But I will suggest you not to practice this exercises just by reading the book.It must be learned from a professional yoga teacher or your Guru.

So keep breathing more and more.

Feel alive more and more.

Hari om tat sat…


sun salutation(surya namaskar) the complete yoga.

SunSalutation-1Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is a complete and practical scientific yogic exercise to enhance the mind body and soul.In short, we can say it’s a complete yoga just like running ( a complete exercise).

In ancient classical yogic scripture, there is not any description about Sun salutation.It was discovered later but by whom nobody knows.

But all posters which have been practice in this belongs to classical hath yoga.

In contemporary two types of Sun salutation is in practice.

  1. Classical sun salutation
  2. Vinyasa series of sun salutation.

The later one has been Incorporated by Pattabhi Jois of Mysore. But the first one is more popular.

To get the best results it must be practice early at the dawn and worshiping God Sun.But if not you can practice it any time having empty stomach facing the sun.

During the practice, you must focus on your breath.It must be synchronized with every posture n every step.

To get a strong and flexible body with full of vitality individual can practice it dynamically, and can do repetition according to strength.

If an individual is looking for stress relief and calm also, he must focus on the breath with concentration.If chanting the Mantras with variation it will be a cocktail for better mind body and soul.

This is the yogic exercise which improves physically mentally and spiritually. If you are not having enough time to practice all other yoga asanas just practice it, and you will be get benefited fully.

Hari om tatsat.

Who is the founder of Yoga?

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Should one drink water after meal?

Right from your saliva in your mouth food began to digest.If we drink water after meal ,it dilutes the digestive enzymes,which weakens the digestive process.

In the ancient Indian text Arthashashtra ,Chankya mentioned not to drink water just after having meal but after some time .

When food get digest ,then one should take water .

Vajrasana is the only asana performed after meal ,as it helps to digest the food .When we fold our feet from knees and sit ,it cutdown the blood flow in our legs ,so whole flow works inside the abdomen,which improves the digestive process .

So never take water after meal .You can directly go to perform Vajrasana after meal.